ai robot course

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Python Basics

This course teaches you the basic concepts of Python programming, and you will also learn the basics of object-oriented programming.

Basics of AI and 3D Designing

Students will have the opportunity to work on several AI-based projects at this level using building blocks and text (Python) programming.

iot course

Basic Tech courses

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to use Wi-Fi internet for managing internet-connected devices using Node MCU Board....

embedded c and python course for kids

Basic Programming:Embedded C & Python

Students will learn about basic input and output electronics components, their connections to the microcontroller Arduino, and their.........................

block coding course for kids

Embedded System using Blocks Coding

Students will learn about the basic input and output electronics components and how to connect them to the microcontroller Arduino.

basic electronic

Basic electronics

Students will learn about basic electronics components and their circuit connections with an electric source.

scratch programming course

Scratch Programming

Scratch programming for kids creates an engaging experience for children by offering a wide range of programs such as video game ..

mechanical designing course

Mechanical Designing

Mechanical designing is the level in which students learn how to construct various robotics designs for solving various daily life problems.

leadership skills course for juniors

Leadership Skills For Juniors

THIS COURSE WILL TEACH STUDENTS traits OF LEADERSHIP and HELP them become successful leaders in the future......

effective study technique

Effective Study Techniques

As parents, we want our children to SUCCEED AND develop good study habits that will help them throughout their lives.

design thinking course for kids

Design thinking

Design thinking is a highly sought-out skill .teachING kids how to think critically and creatively solve everyday problems IS ESSENTIAL.

math course

Math is fun

By optionMath knowledge is essential for a child’s personal and professional development. It gives a better understanding of.....

cybersecurity course for kids

Cyber security for juniors

Cyber security is a critical skill for the future. Children will learn to be safe, act responsibly online, and protect their identity and data.

cybersecurity course for kids

Kids and cyber security

As our lives become increasingly digital, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important consideration for parents and.....

game development course

Game Development

Game development is the process of creating video games, including everything from the concept and design to programming.......